10 tips to hiring the best limousine

Limousine hire tips

Tips for Limousine Hire


From prom to bar mitzvah to wedding to corporate event, the swankiest way to announce your entry has always been a limousine. It doesn’t matter the event limousines are very appropriate. Choosing the right limo is something of a headache for some people. Choosing a right limo depends on you knowing what you want and going for it.

Why people love riding limousines


The traditional limousine is aimed and making you feel like novelty by blasting you with VIP treatment because you’re worth it. They provide economies of scale for transporting large groups and relaxation because the chauffeur will do the driving and open doors for you. They come to their element in red carpet events.

With multiples companies out there offering chauffeured limo services it is imperative to choose one that suits your specific transportation needs.


Limousine hire tips

Limousine hire tips


Here are 10 tips to hiring the best limousine


1. The limousine hire company


Check whether the company hiring has a good reputation. Do they have offices, do they have their own fleet limousines. The best way to choose a perfect company is by recommendations and reading the company’s reviews and ratings by other users. Check to see if their terms are acceptable for you. According to Lux Limousines Sydney you may incur extra costs if the company’s location is far from your location. Try to hire a company that is close to you or confirm they do not charge for extra travel time.

2. The number of people intended to transport


Limousines come with different sitting capacities. For a large group of individuals like a bridal party, it is prudent to choose one with a large seating capacity. You also get invisible discounts by choosing large seating capacities. You save on the cost of hiring multiple cars and chauffeurs.

3. The nature of event used for


For airport transfers or corporate events, a laid back and formal fittings are appropriate. The occasion should determine the fittings, level of luxury and color of the car. Being appropriate is equally as important as being in style.

4. Feature your budget


Just like a flight, limousine services come with packages for all levels. From basic packages to super deluxe packages the levels of trim vary. There is always a limousine company offering services for your budget. Do not try to go way out of your intended expenditure to find a good limo. Reserving a limo during certain seasons or days of the week will always be expensive. Early Summer is usually the peak period while days like Monday also have very few reservations hence off-peak prices will hold.

5. Book in advance


Making your reservation in advance is the best way to avoid price increases as a result of season or day. Getting it done in advance also gives a large variety of cars to choose from. Last minute bookings might end up in Embarrassment especially if you get a car in dangerous condition of a car that does not fit your status.

6. The complimentary packages of the limousine


Limo companies offer complimentary services such as champagne, flowers of goody bags. Some companies offer to decorate your car according to the event while some allow accumulation of loyalty points which gets you a price cut the next time you use their company. This should feature among your considerations for choosing a car from any concierge.

Limousine hire

7. Type of entertainment available onboard


A limousine ride is meant to pamper you and make you feel special. Having a wide variety of entertainment options makes it more memorable. The types of drinks, music go for a ride to live for.

8. The terms and conditions for hire


Riding and understanding the conditions for the hire agreement is important. This will give your insight on the time for return and the insurance. The Easy Weddings website suggests you enquire if they certain habits like smoking are allowed. Failure to read this contract may put you at risk of cancellation or unwarranted fines. Read and consult the relevant authority on the unclear points of the contract.

9. Make the reservation in person


Making the booking in person gives you the best chances of striking a deal. You can do this yourself or consult a reputable travel agent to do it for you. You can also change some things like the chauffeur and car model.

10. Define your needs


It is of utmost importance to understand what you want and effectively communicate it to your agent or company. You have to clearly explain the pickup time, capacity, hours needed and the best route so that your prices can be adjusted accordingly. The team at Lux Limousines Sydney also suggest you also define the type of car you want depending on your event. For parties and school formals, stretch hummer limos are very popular. Whilst corporate events and airport transfers usually use smaller luxury sedans like a Mercedes.